All of us except for Gabby went on a trip this weekend to Texas. It was a very long drive from hoIMG_20140831_174311803me, but we drove it straight. Signe drove during the day and I drove during the night, with some exceptions.

We stayed with Niki, Signe’s best friend since grade school, while we were there. Some of the other highlights of the trip were visiting the house that Signe grew up in. We spent a long time talking with the current owners. The picture is of Signe’s name and hand print that were left in the cement in the back. Not that we needed more proof. Signe enjoyed sharing information about the house that the current owners didn’t know about as well as describing all the changes that had taken place since she lived there.

We also went to the sIMG_20140830_130035081_HDRtock yards in Fort Worth. The kids enjoyed the time there, and we all enjoyed watching the cowboys drive the cattle down the street. While we were watching them drive the cattle, a train engine came up right behind us. There was a lot of action going on for a while. It happened to get pretty hot for us while we were down there.

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