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Dean crushed by pitbull

A tragic scene unfolded today at the Comfort household when their youngest son was crushed by a pitbull. When interviewed, the pitbull claimed to have no knowledge of the pain and suffering he inflicted on the poor child. In fact, the answer “woof woof woof-woof” was all we could get out of him. He did have to stretch a bit before he would respond to questions.

Great Lakes Science Center

We spent a few hours today at the Science Center. We keep a family membership because there is always enough new or even old that is interesting or challenging. It is a good way to spend several hours to half a day. Today we took Signe’s brother and his children with us. We started out making airplanes out of sturdy paper, dowels, and hot glue. One of Signe’s brother’s kids … Continue Reading

Fun Fair Fundraiser

Every year the kids’ elementary school has a PTO fundraiser where the kids go and play games, eat food, and have a great night.

The landlord I never wanted to be

Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I ever have a desire to be a landlord. Yet it did happen. When I moved to Cleveland 3.5 years ago, my house in Maryland didn’t want to sell. Eventually I found someone who sounded like a perfect tenant. A single mom, a couple of kids, she sounded like she had a good job working for a non-profit or not-for-profit. We agreed on … Continue Reading